We welcome high expectations on the prestigious peninsula, developed in an avant-garde style that meets the strictest customer requirements.


Marina Island offers three categories of condominiums, ranging from comfortable apartments on intermediate floors, through Townhouses evoking the feeling of living in a family villa, up to luxurious Penthouses on the top levels. We concur that such a unique location demands quality without compromises.


About the locality

A remarkable location at the border of two worlds. On one hand, it offers serenity, privacy, a double-sided waterfront, abundant nature. On the other hand, it does not lack the bustle of the city, work opportunities, shops, cafes and other cultural and sports opportunities. And all of this is situated only 8 minutes from the city centre.

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Each of our condominiums was carefully crafted with modern amenities.


The Comfort flat includes extreme efficiency in layouts and it is carefully designed to offer additional comfort.



High-quality three-ply solid wood floors, with several style options. You can also choose from several types of ceramic tiles.

Standards Doors


You can choose from a wide array of natural material decors. Doors are solid, flush, and non-rebated, with a standard height of 2.200 mm.

Floors Windows


For maximum comfort and functionality, all windows have wooden frames and feature triple-glazed insulating panels.


See for yourself

Such a life does not need to be a mere dream, but may become your everyday reality.

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Tomas Kellovsky

Tomáš Kellovský

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Toll-free info line: +420 800 226 223


Address: Jankovcova 1595/14, Praha 7

Daramis Client Centre
Daramis Client Centre
Daramis Client Centre

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Daramis Trioresidence

Domy Beranka

Koncept domků v Berance spojuje praktické výhody bytu s přednostmi domu. Dokonce i pořizovací cena domu je srovnatelná s cenou bytu. Dostanete za ni ale mnohem víc - dostatek prostoru a zahradu.

Daramis Unicity


Projekt Unicity Plzeň nabízí moderní a komfortní bydlení pro studenty, profesory i akademický personál s veškerými službami a zázemím. Projekt mimo jiné nabízí i výhodnou investici v oblasti nemovitostí!

Daramis Zelené Město 3

Zelené Město 3

Zelené město Premium 3 je projekt ve skvělé lokalitě tak blízko přírody, jak jen to jde. Výhled z okna ale není všechno, proto si dáváme záležet i na interiéru. Používáme kvalitní přírodní materiály, které zaručí, že tento byt už bude na celý život.

The developer of the project is Marina Island inc., a company whose shareholders are Lighthouse Group and Daramis.

The Marina Island brought together two leading real estate developers: Lighthouse Group and Daramis. Active on the local market since the year 2000, their combined portfolio includes the successful delivery of over 2,500 apartments units and comprises circa 250.000 m2 of commercial property.

Confident that the synergy of their combined experience will be key to delivering a project worthy of this prestigious peninsula location, Marina Island symbolically becomes the flagship of their residential expertise.

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