We process personal data in accordance with the General Directive on personal data protection and on the basis of its main principles: a, lawfulness, fairness, and transparency; b, purpose limitation; c, data minimisation; d, accuracy; e, storage limitation; f, integrity and confidentiality, which we can evidence (responsibility). We store all data only for the very necessary period (to be defined below). The objective of this statement is to clarify for you the methods of using the personal data provided by you. Our obligation is to protect your rights and possibility to check your personal data and to protect privacy. Below, we specify what personal data we collect, how we use such personal data, as well as the third parties with whom we share such data.
The personal data serves us for different purposes, see below for details.


The term of “personal data” means all information, which concerns you and identifies you, either in itself and/or together with other information, which is available to us. Marina Island s.r.o. collects various types of personal data regarding you, including the following (as need may be):


Your personal data (name, surname, contact addresses, birth number, date of birth, marital status) is collected for contractual purposes for the period of 20 years


We are collecting your personal data (name, surname, e-mail) for the purpose of offering our company’s services for the period of 10 years. We are processing such data based on your approval. You can cancel such approval at any time


On our website, we are collecting personal data on potential customers – via filling-in of forms, further we use cookies and data collection for remarketing – see more details on: Information on cookies


We treat personal data carefully and consider it confidential. We only share personal data on a need-to-know basis with: 

  • CLIENT CHANGES CONTRACTORS i.e. in case they are working on your project. If you are a client of ours, we are ready to provide their current list for you.
  • HYPOSERVIS (MORTGAGE SERVICE) i.e. i.e. in case it is financing your project.


Marina Island s.r.o. shall publish personal data in case it is required by law and/or a legal process, for the purpose of execution of justice, for the purpose of protecting important interests, for the purpose of examination by enforcement and regulatory authorities, for the purpose of protecting company assets and defence of its legal rights, for the purpose of protecting personal safety of website users and/or by virtue of an applicable court and/or enforcement body order.


We shall share personal data with third parties (other than those stated above, for example: commercial insurance companies). In such cases, if required by law, we shall first ask you for approval of sharing personal data in this manner.


We are dedicated to protect your personal data and use appropriate technical, organisational, and safety measures for protection against any unauthorised and/or illegal treatment, and for unintentional loss, destruction, and/or damage.


We archive and process personal data in the Czech Republic. However, there may occur cases when we have to transfer personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), while we would take due measures to provide appropriate protection for your personal data. Such steps would usually represent checking the methods of data recipient protection methods.


In general, we do not collect personal data regarding children.


Honest treatment and transparency are vital to us. We are sincere in the type of personal data we collect, and we have introduced a system, which will enable you to apply all your rights in relation to personal data protection.
In case you need to apply your rights, please address us at the contact details below.


You can send us, at any time, a written application for your personal data we keep on you, for a correction of certain personal data, which you consider incorrect and/or irrelevant, and/or apply for erasure and/or another method of elimination of your personal data. On your request, we shall update your personal data, and/or remove it in accordance with applicable legal regulations.


You can ask for erasure of your personal data at any time. We shall consider your request, and, as need may be, shall comply with your request in accordance with the above-described legislation.


Our organisation undertook to observe the fundamental principles of protecting privacy and personal data. Our statement on personal data protection is therefore regularly updated in order to make sure that it contains no mistakes and is well visible on our website, contains due information on your rights, and on data processing, that it is applied and complies with applicable legislation. Sometimes we may update the statement on personal data protection in order for it to reflect new development and opportunities in relation to the internet, and in order to make it compliant with applicable legislation. We shall inform you of any significant changes to the statement on personal data protection through notifications on our website, including access to updated versions of this statement.


Marina Island s.r.o., with registered seat at Jankovcova 1595/14, Praha 7, Holešovice, Post code: 170 00,
Identification number: 27884201, the company is registered in the Company Register kept by the City Court in Prague, Section C, File 124033

In case of any questions regarding how we use personal data and how you can apply your rights, please use the following form: Fill in here  


Cookies are used on this website in a manner, which does not disturb or infringe the privacy of services users. For example, these are used for the purpose of measurement and research in order to determine the type and volume of website usage. Cookies can also be used within the frame of direct marketing targeted at companies and/or marketing based on the list of users and/or re-marketing. The objective of such marketing is provision of information on the company’s current services for those users who have already visited the company’s website. We are not collecting any personal data on users such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or credit card numbers.

Cookies do not enable access to data storage at the end station (e.g. a hard disk) or copy any data from such storage. Users can block use of cookies in settings of their internet browser, however, that could cause a limitation to the website functionality, and therefore we do not recommend this option. Users can also delete the cookies in their internet browsers at any time.

Marina Island s.r.o. Company collects and processes personal data for the following purposes: contacting clients, presenting products and services by Marina Island s.r.o. Company (including targeted e-mail marketing, internet advertising and personal sales telephone calls), acquiring and processing feedback, provision of information requested and provision of products and services by Marina Island Company inquired about and/or ordered.
Users can be selected for marketing purposes using third party (such as e.g. Google) systems based on the list of users. Marketing based on the list of users uses the lists created by user cookies files used on this website. The advertising policy applied upon marketing based on user lists includes also the Advertising policy based on the interests involved (Interest-Based Advertising Policy) of Google Inc., the current version of which is available at Users can, if need be, set up the parameters of marketing based on user lists on the Your Online Choices website at: Advertising settings of marketing activities secured by Google can be administered here:

Analytical data on website

The website hereof uses website analytical data – e.g. Google Analytics services, which is a service consisting in provision of analytical and statistical data on websites operated by Google Inc. (hereafter referred to as "Google"). Website analysis uses cookies (text files) to evaluate visit rate, build re-targeting audience, interconnect with AdWords account and collect demographic and interests-oriented data on visitors to the given website. Information created by such cookies (e.g. IP addresses) are transferred and stored on the part of service providers. Such providers consequently use such information to produce reports and communication for website owners and to offer other services regarding activities on websites and use of internet as such.
Service providers can transfer certain data to third parties in cases when it is required by law or when such third parties process information in their name.
Service providers shall not connect your IP address with any other data held by them. You can prohibit storage of cookies by changing the settings of your internet browser, however, such option may limit certain functions of our website.
By using and browsing this website, you give your consent with the website analytical services providers processing your personal data in compliance with this policy for the purpose described herein.


Marina Island Company is entitled to amend and/or change this strategy, and disable access to the website and/or content of the website at any time with or without any previous notification. The date of effectiveness of this strategy is stated above for your information. Should the Marina Island Company decide to change this strategy in such a way that it shall result in significant and unfavourable changes in the manner in which Marina Island Company collects and/or processes your personal data provided for it through the website hereof, it shall post a notification of such changes on this website.

This website uses cookies and data collection for remarketing. If you use our website you express your consent to the use of cookies and data collection for remarketing on the basis of the updated settings of the browser. Read more about Personal Data Protection. More information